Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Am Going To Make It Happen...

I have been struggling with weight my whole life.  It sucks!

When I was quite young (I am talking about the age 5 to 8 timeframe) I was quite svelte.  In fact, I remember school teachers contacting my mother and in earnest, insisting that I eat more or perhaps suffer the fate of children in third world countries.  I suppose that is why my family decided to get me to eat all the time, which eventually led to...well, me eating all the time.

I don't want to blame anyone for my portliness today.  I am an adult and certainly know how to manage weight, as I have gone from a low of around 125 Lbs. in adulthood to my high (today) of 300 Lbs. plus.  I know what to do, but just choose not to do it.

I suppose it is indicative of a good life.  I am not one who eats when depressed, as some do.  I eat more when I am happy, and my marriage, career growth, and the birth of 3 children have made me quite happy.  Also, living in Northern California, where great food, weather, and pretty much everything are always plentiful.  I am thankful for the good life, even if it has led me to a situation where putting on my socks takes the wind out of me.

I have decided I have to start making better food choices and eating less of those foods I choose.  What led me to this was a discussion with my doctor, where I inquired about getting a gastric bypass, and he told me that I qualify.  After going to the counseling session, I discovered that it drastically changes your life.  You have to take vitamins FOREVER.  You cannot drink alcohol or smoke FOREVER.  You cannot have caffeine FOREVER.

Oh, and you can die from the procedure.

Nonetheless, if I choose to go through with it (I am still undecided), I have to first lose 30 Lbs., which means I have to start eating right and exercising now.  So I have started paying attention to what I eat.  Yesterday I had yogurt and granola for breakfast, and a turkey sandwich with a side of fruit for lunch (no chips, which is what I usually eat with a sandwich).  I ate a pretty hearty dinner of homemade chili and cheese biscuits, and for dessert I had a bowl of watermelon and peaches.

Today I started with the yogurt and granola again.  I am going to start cooking better food, and eating less of it.  I refuse to eat any processed crap with the label "lite" on it, however.  I am simply going to prepare some decent food and write about it, and see if it works.

Perhaps if I can make this happen, I will not get the operation, and make the change organically.

Wish me luck!

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