Monday, June 13, 2011

Moving My Blog Site

The time has come for me to migrate my blog site from the old iWeb MobileMe site to Blogger.  It seems like Apple has given up on iWeb, which is a shame since I liked the Apple tool.  Moving to Blogger makes life easier anyway.  I can edit from wherever I like.


  1. Hi Mike, My husband is going crazy trying to find your recipe for smoked jalapeno barbecue sauce. We made it last year and it was fabulous. If you would send the recipe to you will make his day. Thanks, Liza

  2. Liza,

    Thank you for the kind words. I have posted the old blog on my new site. Great to have a fan!

  3. Hi Mike
    Are you planning on migrating the rest of content over? There were so many of the recipes that I had bookmarked and I'm devastated that I can't find them any more - the pizza crust, the bread pudding.. Plus the fact that I just enjoyed reading your experiences as a chef...